Sunday, July 30, 2017

Changing Perspective

I finally started writing the book about you. Is it strange that it took me back to the beginning of this entire blog? It felt just like the first time I pressed the "publish" button on the introduction post.

Perhaps it is because it is a new introduction into this side of me? It's strange to be here, recounting all of this again.

First question that pops into my head that my mentor would ask: Does it hurt less?

I think my answer would be yes and no.

It does hurt less because I've finally began the journey into turning my memories and experiences of you into a book and it will probably feel a lot smoother to write.

It doesn't hurt any less because I still have to recount it. It still feels like pressing on a bruise or stepping on a sticker.

But it's a change in perspective.

I've been told not to put on the editor hat, because I've always been a writer to reread after I finish a chapter. I've been told to just write it out, to write from my gut.

We shall see how it goes.

I wonder what you would say about it all.

Written 7.30.17