Thursday, May 18, 2017

One Golden Memory

I know what it feels like to fly.

It feels like being held by your arms and being swung around in circles as we are both getting dizzy and giggling like crazy.

It feels like I'm six years old again in the backyard at Grandma's house.

Caleb is playing baseball outside with our cousins John, Angel and the twins, Tim and James. My hair is bleached by the sun a bright yellow blonde in messy pigtails and my skin is all tanned.

Our fort that we built out of the cardboard boxes that the new couches came in is set up with a sign that says "Home Sweet Home, Wecome" instead of "Home Sweet Home, Welcome."

"Again, Howie, again!" I laugh and scream with my arms stretched out towards you.

You smile back and grab my arms to swing me in circles more and before I know it my legs are off the ground and I'm flying again.

I can tell you love Momma and she loves you back. You are growing on me and I'm growing on you too.

I can tell you make Momma happy. I can tell Momma makes you happy too.  Maybe you use your strength to make her fly too. I want her to know what it feels like to fly.

The sun starts to set and the sky is painted gold with flecks of pink and orange. I am being scolded by Grandma to not sit on the grass because of the chiggers. I don't know what she's talking about though, I am too awe-struck by the sunset.

My golden memory matches the golden sunset when I remember that day. I keep it safely tucked at the back of my brain when I need to smile.

Today I needed to smile.

Written 5.18.17

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